Vow renewal cheshire

Vow Renewal


(Plus travel expenses if more than 30 miles outside of Macclesfield, Cheshire) 

Did you know, you can renew your vows any time you like, wherever you like!  You may choose to renew your vows on a special anniversary in one of your most favourite places.  You may choose to renew them every year - why not?!  Celebrate your love!   

Carry on telling your love story to everyone you know!  Whether you want traditional, quirky, spiritual, fun or something really low key, I will enjoy writing and conducting a personal and unique ceremony for you to celebrate the love you have shared since the day you got married.

As vow renewals are not legally bound, you can hold your ceremony WHEREVER you want! Want to celebrate on a beach, in a field, in a woodland, on a boat, on a spaceship, in Auntie Betty’s garden?!  No problem! Well, OK, the spaceship might be a bit tricky but get the picture? The venue doesn’t have to be licensed, you can have your ceremony anywhere … within reason! 

Vows & Promises

Don’t want to stick to the regular vows? No problem! You can write your own vows and promises. They can be mushy, funny, long, short and you can say whatever you like. No restrictions!  


Say what you want! Include religion … or not. It’s your choice. It’s your day.  Want to involve your lovely family and friends?  Do it!  You can include symbolic actions such as unity candles, sand blending, handfasting, ring warming, a wish tree … or make your own up!   

So, what’s included?


Let’s meet! 

  • A free of charge no-obligation meeting or phone call where you can explain a bit more about what you're looking for, I can answer any questions and you can decide if I'm the right celebrant for you. 
  • One face-to-face meeting to run through your ideas and plans so I can create a bespoke ceremony for you. We could do it on Skype if you’re far away. 
  • A fun ‘couples quiz’ so I can really get to know you!
  • If you’re not writing your own vows, I can help with some ideas.
  • Help with choosing poems and readings.
  • Option to include a symbolic action.
  • Unlimited revisions of your draft ceremony script to make sure you’re absolutely totally happy with it. 

On the day! 

  • Co-ordination with your venue to make sure everything runs to plan. I’ll make sure anyone who’s got a part to play knows exactly what they’re doing and when! Oh, and of course not forgetting giving you an amazing and memorable ceremony! 

And there’s more?  

Yes! I’ll give you a souvenir copy of your ceremony script to treasure forever ❤️  

Let's meet!

Renew your vows any time, any place, any where! 

Celebrate your love!

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