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Naming Ceremony


(Plus travel expenses if more than 30 miles outside of Macclesfield, Cheshire) 


Why have a naming ceremony? Why not have a christening? What’s the difference? A christening welcomes your baby or child into a particular faith. A naming ceremony welcomes your child into your lives, your family and gives you the opportunity to express your commitment to your precious bundle of joy.

Becoming a parent is a major milestone, it’s a HUGE thing, so why not celebrate it? If you want to celebrate the birth of your child in a non-religious ceremony, then a naming ceremony is just for you!

And it’s not just for babies! You may have become a stepparent, adopted a child or maybe you just didn’t get around to it first time round. But it’s never too late!

Just like a traditional christening, you can still have ‘godparents’ but you don’t have to call them godparents, you can call them whatever you like!  Guideparents, supporting adults, mentors … or come up with something else if it suits!  No rules!

You can make your own promises to your child which can be sincere and sensible, or you can throw a few funny ones in there too! It’s your day, do as you wish!  It’s a happy occasion, make it fun and memorable and treasure it forever!

If any of your guests do want to do a religious reading or say a prayer, no problem! If anyone wants to recite a nursery rhyme or you'd like everyone to sing Old MacDonald, that’s fine too! It’s all about enjoying the day and making it memorable and unique. 

So, what’s included?


Let’s meet! 

  • A free of charge no-obligation meeting or phone call where you can explain a bit more about what you're looking for, I can answer any questions and you can decide if I'm the right celebrant for you. 
  • One face-to-face meeting to run through your ideas and plans so I can create a bespoke ceremony for you. We could do it on Skype if you’re far away. 
  • If you’re not writing your own promises, I can help with some ideas.
  • Help (if needed!) with choosing poems and readings.
  • Option to include a symbolic element (see below for a few ideas)
  • Unlimited revisions of your draft ceremony script to make sure you’re absolutely totally happy with it. 
  • And of course, the ceremony itself.

And there’s more?  

Yes! I’ll give you a souvenir copy of your ceremony script to treasure forever ❤️ 

Let's meet

Welcome your child into the world with a unique, fun & memorable ceremony!

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